Colt Engineering Sdn Bhd is a Fire Fighting System Installer, Equipment Trading, Fire Protection Engineers and Consultant which specializes in design engineering and installation of all fire protection systems and smoke control systems.

Colt Engineering Sdn Bhd has been a recognized name in Penang fire industry for over 25 years. We provide a specialized service in the fire fighting industries with our operation centre in Penang, Butterworth, Kedah (Kulim) and Kuala Lumpur to cater for a speedier and more efficient service to all our valued customers in the North and Central Regions of Peninsular Malaysia.

Colt Engineering Sdn Bhd specializes in high risk industries’ Fire Suppression Systems such as oil, gas, petrochemical and power station. It has unrivalled experience in major fire engineering projects and has secured many projects in Penang, Kedah, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. It offers a total capability approach to fire suppression systems including Project Management, Design and Engineering, Equipment Supply, Fire System Audit and Training, Installation, Testing & Commissioning, Upgrading Works and Maintenance. Our fully qualified designers and engineers have a wealth of technical and hands-on experience, and all systems are designed in compliance with the latest Standards such as CIFS, LPC-UK, NFPA and FM standard.


  • Our Proud History

    Established in the year 1989, the renown Colt Engineering Sdn Bhd is the one of the pioneers in fire safety solutions in the Malaysian market.

    Servicing various corporations all over the nation throughout the years with passion and dedication, our brand has become synonymous to fire prevention and suppresion systems. To name a few, Motorola, B-Braun, Infineon, National Instrument are amongst those clients who have tasted satisfaction.

    Besides being a member of the Malaysian Fire Protection Association and Institution of Fire Engineers, we are also certified under ISO 9001:2008, reiterating our quality as one of the best solution provider. It is the kind of trust from them that puts us where we are today, the industrial leader in what we do best-providing peace of mind to our clients.


  • Colt Engineering Sdn Bhd Today

    The company's core business lies in providing holistic solutions for fire protection system which includes consultation, design, installation, maintenence and after sales services.

    With our headquarters based in Penang Island, and a myriad of branch offices in Butterworth, Kedah & Kuala Lumpur, we are able to serve clients quickly and efficiently. Our team of professionals are industrial experts with high finesse, trained not just to deliver engineering related tasks but customer oriented service just as well to ensure total customer satisfaction.

    The systems used in Colt Engineering are compliant with CIFS, VDS, LPC, NFPA and FM standards, catering to industries that particularly require higher protection such as the oil and gas, petrochemical and power generation industries. Besides that, in our ambitious effort to take our already famed customer experience to another whole new level, we have also implemented the Customer Relationship Management System.


  • Enroute To the Future

    From mechanical and electrical, future directions have pointed Colt Engineering to diversifying its products in our effort to satiate the ever demanding market.

    In 2014, we became a proud partner of Colt International (UK), as the sole authorised distributor in Malaysia for the extensive range of Colt Smoke Control System products developed and manufactured by Colt International (UK) and its associates worldwide. Under this partnership, we collaborate closely with Colt International (UK)'s regional office in Singapore to design, supply and install said products ranging from smoke curtains to mechanical and natural ventilators. 

    On top of that Colt Engineering will soon have its own factory space to carry out bulk quality control fabrication activities that will also serve as a refilling station for Siemens Sinorix 1230 (3M Patented Gas).