EWL Extruded Weather Louvre

EWL is a single bank extruded weather louvre, providing high performance rain defence. Suitable for applications requiring screening and ventilation. A versatile louvre system providing either screening and/or rain defence.

Louvre blades form an aerodynamically efficient profile to achieve a high degree of rain defence. Allowance is made for thermal expansion without distortion along the length of each louvre blade. Water drains efficiently onto the cill through the mullions.

Class A rain defence

EWL is a single bank louvre system with comparable performance to a double bank louvre, achieving Class A up to 3 m/s.

Features and benefits

Highly aerodynamically efficient – this reduces air resistance, allowing the plant and the aperture to be minimised thereby saving running costs.

Durable and maintenance free – UL is completely made from corrosion resistant materials.

Thermal expansion of the louvres enabled – the louvres are clipped (and not riveted or screwed) to structural supporting mullions.

Proven performance - EWL has been tested to EN 13030:2001.

Easy to install – EWL can either be delivered to site pre-assembled or as a kit of parts.

50mm pitch


If noise reduction is required, acoustic louvre panels can be placed behind EWL.


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