A solution to extend your fire spinkler system life


Corrosion (oxidation activities) a common issue found in fire sprinkler systems when the trapped oxygen inside system react with water and metal surface. 


Eventually the life expectancy of that fire sprinkler system will be decreases if the trapped air is not properly eliminated and results in costly failures, water damage, and underperformance of systems when they are needed.


To tackle these problems, nitrogen purging is routinely incorporated in relevant processes.


Nitrogen Purging is … 


  • Using Nitrogen for corrosion (oxidation activities) control. 
  • Applying the concept of purging out the oxygen, replacing it with nitrogen, and applying it to wet systems. 
  • Simply pre-filling the wet sprinkler system with high purity nitrogen changes the air pockets to nitrogen pockets.

How does a Nitrogen Purge work?


  • Nitrogen Purging system is designed to quickly and effectively purge oxygenated air from a wet fire protection system and replace it with high purity nitrogen gas. 
  • Reducing the oxygen levels in wet fire protection systems is essential in protecting the system from the effects of oxygen related corrosion often found at the air water interface in the fire sprinkler piping.
  • By removing as much air as possible, the fire sprinkler system will have increased performance, eliminating delayed activation or cyclic activation of vane type waterflow detectors.