Water leak monitoring is elementary part of building supervision especially for the building or facilities with sensitive electric and electronic equipment. For example, server room or datacentre, can lead to disastrous consequences including short-circuits, equipment damage and corrosion and operational downtime. Water leakage can also present a fire risk. 


Potential sources of water in an IT environment including:


  • Leaks from air conditioning systems and drip trays 
  • Condensation forming due to high humidity 
  • Water and liquid-based cooling systems
  • Chilled water and refrigerant piping
  • Liquid cooled server racks
  • Natural underground water sources
  • Building plumbing and heating systems
  • Fire suppression sprinkler systems
  • Diesel fuel tanks and wet-cell batteries


There are many factors can lead to water leakage and it is why monitoring any water build-up in these areas is necessary.


With the designated water leak detection system,


  • Your facility can be monitored reliably for the detection of water leaks in the cooling systems. 
  • Each leakage can be detected with metre accuracy and reported directly in the surveillance room.
  • Location of the leakage can be found quickly so that countermeasures can be introduced immediately.   


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