Colt Windows Actuator

A window actuator is a component that facilitates the opening of a window via motor-driven automation. Window actuators carry out the grunt work for electric windows so that you don’t have to; opening and closing them with ease when smoke is detected, or when it rains, directed by smart sensors and controls.


Window actuators and their associated controls can form a critical element of modern building services. They make a significant contribution to the success – or failure – of a building’s internal environment and energy performance.


(i) They deliver automated ventilation. It improves the indoor climate and comfort in the building through lower peak summer temperatures, enhances air quality and energy performance to reduce running cost.

(ii) They provide ventilation via out of reach openings using keypad control where manual winding gear is either considered too intrusive, expensive or high maintenance.

(iii) They used to provide smoke ventilation to improve building safety in the event of a fire.