Apollo Mono Single Flap Ventilator

Apollo Mono provides extract ventilation and daylight entry for all kinds of industrial buildings and warehouses.

  • Wide range of applications - Apollo Mono is classed as a dual purpose ventilator, providing both day to day and smoke control ventilation. Apollo Mono is installed onto roofs providing high level extract. Its polycarbonate flap allows the entry of natural daylight. Either pneumatic (for dual purpose) or electric controls (for day to day ventilation only) are available.
  • Efficient and weather resistant - Apollo Mono is aerodynamically efficient. The sealing system consists either of EPDM profiles or brush seals which keep air leakage down to a minimum.
  • Durable - The Apollo Mono flap is manufactured from tough, corrosion resistant aluminium with stainless steel hinges. Tested and certified as fall-through-proof in 300J and 1200J tests by an external test house.
  • Large opening angle - Apollo Mono opens to 165º which permits it to exceed the requirements of EN 12101-2 for this kind of product.
  • Certified performance - Apollo Mono has been exhaustively tested and certified to EN 12101-2: 2003 in accredited third party test laboratories and is CE marked.
  • High acoustic performance - A sound reduction of up to 24.0 dB (R’w) may be achieved.
  • High thermal performance - Thermal performance varies with size and options, from 1.56 to 1.38 W/m²K.
  • Design service - Colt provides a pre-order design service. Please contact Colt for more information relating to the application, specification, installation or servicing of Apollo Mono systems.