FM1 Fire Resistant Curtains

The FM1 is an electronically-operated fire curtain that seals off an area which is on fire, thereby preventing fire from moving from one area to another. It conforms to EN 1634-1 and provides protection for a pre-defined period. FM1 Fire Curtains are well suited to most industrial and commercial buildings as they are unobtrusive, moving to their active position only when needed.

  • High and certified performance - Tested to EN 1634-1 and is classified E60-C, E120-C or E180-C in accordance with EN 13501-2:2007, thereby achieving an integrity rating for either 60, 120 or 180 minutes.It has achieved a successful continuous performance test (10,000 cycles) in accordance with DIN 4102-18.The E120-C and E180-C versions also have class EW 30 in accordance with EN 13501-2, which demonstrates that the fabric re-radiates only a limited amount of heat.
  • Wide range of options – The FM1 can be adapted to most physical constraints.
  • Easy to install - Delivered in modular form and as such is easy to install.
  • Configurations and sizes - Available either as single unit, or as either a double horizontal or a double vertical unit for continuous runs, with overlapped fabric to form a continuous barrier. Overall curtain lengths for single units are available from 1000 mm to 5000mm, and drops are available from 500 mm to 5000mm. A requirement above this maximum length will be met by installing either double horizontal or double vertical units. Double vertical and double horizontal units are unlimited in length and drops are available from 500 mm to 6000mm provided that curtains overlap.
  • The curtain falls under gravity in a controlled manner to a pre-determined level either on receipt of a signal or on loss of power. A certified tube side guide or roller side guide system provides a seal between the curtain fabric and the building, ensuring that the immense positive or negative pressures created by a fire will be resisted.
  • There are two bottom bar options. One is an “industrial” bottom bar which has a closure arrangement to ensure a tight seal even with uneven floors. Expansion joints are incorporated to allow for thermal movement. Another option is a “commercial” bottom bar which is almost invisible when rolled up. In this instance the customer needs to ensure that the floor is flat in order to avoid any smoke leakage.
  • Control system – FM1 can be made capable of operation as an integrated part of a smoke control and fire management scheme, with emergency power units and the facility to interface directly with a fire control panel. The system is fully protected and fail-safe to avoid the need for fire rated cabling, with a 30 minute time delay to maintain units in the raised position in the event of a temporary interruption to the power supply. If power is not returned, units will descend to the down / default position after a time lapse.
  • Design service- Colt provides a pre-order design service. Please contact Colt for more information relating to the application, specification, installation or servicing of FM1 systems.


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